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Ashton – Tri Colour Bernedoodle Puppy UK 
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Our Bernedoodle puppy Ashton now known as Bear lives across from Hampstead Heath in London, UK.

Fathered by Prince, this liitle boy Bernedoodle puppy was born first. One of our litter of the much sought after Bernedoodles born in the United Kingdom. He is now a welcome and much loved addition to his new family. 

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Pedigree Bernese Mountain Dog Henry & Harriet
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At just a few weeks old, the latest additons to our family.

These wonderfully marked pedigree Bernese Mountain Dog puppies come from a long line of Swedish and other European national and international show winners and are Kennel Club registered.

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Phantom Male Poodle, Prince Charming
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aka Prince our Beautiful Standard Phantom Male Poodle

Prince is a our stunning loving AKC/KC registered purebred 2nd generation Standard Phantom poodle and has a non fading black coat with cream phantom markings.
Up above is a photo of aunty Harriet.

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Phoebe aka Tickbern Phenomenon
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Phoebe is a wonderful nurse to the family

Phoebe is our oldest Bernese Mountain Dog. Phoebe was born here at the Farm in 2011. From many angles Phoebe looks the spitting image of her mother Poppy.

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Video of Bernese, Ashanti as a puppy

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Ashanti on September 7th 2014 at the age of 4 weeks.

Ashanti, another of our pedigree KC registered Bernese Mountain Dogs also has European champion and international champion bloodlines..

Our Bernedoodle puppies with their families:-

Bernedoodle Ashton in the UK

8 week Tri Colour Bernedoodle Puppy UK
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Our Bernedoodle puppy Rory before going to his loving home.

Again fathered by Prince, this liitle boy puppy was is one of our litter of the Bernedoodles born in 2016 in the United Kingdom. He has made a wonderful addition to his new family. 

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